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Product Information

Black Magic LinimentAs we expect more and more from our valiant athletes we must use products that empower them.  Black Magic is a balanced combination of essential oils and activated charcoal that work together to reduce and eliminate sports injuries.

While good for daily use as an overall liniment to sooth and support tired, overworked muscles, its real value is in its remarkable ability to “drive out” inflammation.  Unlike other liniments and leg paints on the market today, Black Magicflex tite” is unique in that it gets and keeps the affected area(s) tight without losing any elasticity.  It will save you many valuable days of training, and keep your horses competing without pain.

As powerful as this product is, it is not caustic like iodine or invasive like DMSO and contains no harsh chemicals.  It can be washed off with soap and water!  It is safe to use Black Magic every day, before and after exercising, training, racing or competing on the highest levels.

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User Experiences

“I have had excellent results using Black Magic on my horse Beneve's Buck.  Buck had a tendon that would blow up after races-It looked bowed!  After a few days of rest and Black Magic you could hardly tell he had a bad tendon.  After he won in 1.55.1 at Maywood.  Blackmagic kept him tight.  10 Starts 4 Wins - 2 Seconds.”

Becky Swinehart

Black Magic ExperiencesBeneve Stables, Milton Wisconsin



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