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 Magic Power

Product Information

Magic Power™Magic Power™ was formulated, developed, and tested in collaboration with the renowned Masters of Chinese Medicine, Robert Linde.

Magic Power™ is a unique supplement of select herbal extracts that combine to form a powerful potent anti-inflammatory remedy for strained over exerted muscles and sore joints.  It will support:

     •     More fluid motion

     •     More durability

     •     Quicker recovery between events

     •     More muscle strength 

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Blending & Milling Process

All of the natural premium select herbs contained in Magic Power™ are produced in a government certified blending plant and can be identified by individual lot and expiration date.  The natural herbal ingredients in Magic Power™ will not test positive so performance animals can use this product while in training.

Magic PowerIngredients


Boswellia has multiple health benefits.  Primarily, Boswellia is a potent anti-inflammatory nutrient inhibiting inflammatory enzymes that are common in joint pain.  Boswellic acid has demonstrated potent anticoagulant properties, significantly reducing platelet aggregation was well as the ability to prevent plaque build-up and to defend the liver.

Du Huo

The roots of this plant a antirheumatic, aiding in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis as well as serving as a vasodilator.

Hu Zhang

Supports overall blood flow.


The chemicals in Turmeric help to decrease swelling and overall inflammation throughout the body as well as aiding in treating liver problems, fibromyalgia and fever.

Qin Jiao

This herb has been used in Chinese herbalism for over 2,000 years in the promotion/support of the digestive system, working especially on the stomach and liver.


The rhizome extract from the Ginger herb is beneficial in relieving pain due to arthritis or muscle soreness.  Other uses of the natural chemicals in Ginger are to treat colic, nausea and loss of appetite.


This botanical helps to prevent muscle spasms and joint inflammation.


Magic Power™          Magic Power™

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