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Product Information

Step-Up Per4manceSTEP-UP™ Per4mance is a proprietary all natural herbal extract blend of the finest herbs in the world.  It’s great for combating allergies, reducing bleeding and “tie-up” syndrome as well as fortifying the immune system.  It clears up congestion and eases a variety of other breathing problems, therefore enhancing good health and performance.  It’s a must for checking stress & anxiety at the barn door for the equine athlete.


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All the herbal extract components in this performance blend are certified Kosher.  The herbs themselves are of the highest quality and are water soluble.  The shelf life (unopened) of the herbs is three(3) years.  Your horses will not balk at eating STEP-UP™ Per4mance.  They will literally dive into it when mixed with their feed.  Of course, you can administer it by way of a drench if so desired.  The mix dissolves instantly.  The ingredients and their benefits are listed below.

Blending & Milling Process

Most herbal formulations on the market today are mixed in contaminated, unregulated environments.  STEP-UP™ Per4mance is milled and screened to exact density, composition and texture at our certified blending plant, instead of the “mix by hand” in a tub process.  This new process insures a fine, consistent blend at all times.  The blend is completely homogenous, using a controlled-temperature water extraction process.  The herbs and botanicals used in the blend are all fresh, and expiration dates can be traced back to the batch.  Each batch is tagged and a corresponding lot# is assigned to it.  This blending process creates the most pure and consistent product that is also very easy to digest.

User Experiences

“STEP-UP Per4mance is a must if you wish to achieve the ultimate effort from your racehorse.  It not only clears congestion and opens up the airways but it also combats various allergies.  It helps to reduce stress, thereby curbing bleeding and tie-up syndrome.”

More User ExperiencesA.J. Ryan

Chicago, Illinois

STEP-UP™ Per4mance Ingredients

Beet Root Fiber (powder)

The fiber in this root supports digestive regularity.  It’s also high in potassium which regulates electrolyte levels and also provides folic acid.

Purple Sweet Potato

The anthocyanins in this extract perpetuate strong anti-oxidant activity which supports the immune system and wards of cancers.


Rich in calcium, iodine and potassium, it has the ability to balance metabolism and support muscles.  Aids in treating rheumatism.

Rose Hips

Rich in biotin content thus promoting healthy hoof growth.  It’s a valuable source of vitamin(s) C, E & K.  Helps in combating infections.

Slippery Elm

Rich in vitamin(s) A, B, C & K, it is a natural digestive tonic.  It regulates internal bacteria, soothes irritated digestive systems and can soothe and even heal ulcerated membranes.  Aids in breathing.

Hawthorn Berries

Dilates blood vessels, helping to increase circulation throughout the body.  Excellent for treating overall lameness, laminitis/foundering and navicular conditions.

Ophiopogon Japonicus

Stimulates the lungs and stomach’s mucous membranes as well as curbs anxiety and restlessness.


Its blood cleansing action makes it ideal for horses prone to laminitis, chronic arthritis, sweet itch and overall skin conditions.  Keeps worms and other parasites in check.

Gotu Kola

This herb improves circulation to the extremities, specifically the legs.  Promotes healing of connective tissue and joints.


Acts to dilate and strengthen peripheral blood vessels and helps clear away small blood clots, thus increasing circulation which in turn aids in the reduction of “bleeding”, expanding the airway.

Watermelon Frost

Effectively treats throat soreness and helps in opening up the airways.

White Willow Bark

A most effective herb in combating arthritis in the joints, specifically the fetlocks, knees, hocks and hips.


This herb relieves the nerves of undo stress, allowing the horse to breathe evenly.


A very effective multi purpose herb, mullein offers many healing abilities.  It loosens congestion and helps clear the lungs.  It also cleanses and soothes the urinary tract of infection and irritation.


Helpful in treating urinary tract inflammation.  Lubricates and soothes the mucous membranes.


Used to treat colds and flu due to the high content of active compounds like polysaccharides, saponins and flavoids.  It’s incredibly beneficial for animals suffering from stomach ulcers and inflamed kidneys.


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