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Black Magic Liniment

“Black Magic ‘flex-tite’ liniment is by far the finest leg race I’ve ever seen or used. I’ve switched my entire stable to it. It’s the only liniment that satisfactorily keeps the horses’ legs and ankles tight, yet flexible and free from inflammation. I’m convinced that Milwaukee Appeal’s 2009 Woodbine Oaks smashing victory, and Who’s Big Daddy’s wire to wire win at first asking just 1/5 of a second off the track record was in part due to the daily application of Black Magic. AMAZING!”

Scott Fairlie
A Leading Woodbine Trainer    

“I have used Black Magic on two of my horses that had ‘dropped suspensory(s)’. Not only did the suspensory(s) tighten up, they stayed tightened up. I have never used a liniment that worked this way. The results are great, and long lasting.”

Angus MacDonald
Horse Trainer, Rome, New York      

“I use Black Magic ‘flex-tite’ liniment on my horses’ knees, hocks, ankles and really anywhere there is inflammation. It takes away the pain and virtually eliminates the swelling before and after racing. It is a great leg brace and is especially useful for horses that don’t like their legs wrapped. After just a five(5) minute rub, legs stay tight without the use of bandages. IT WORKS!”

John MacKenzie      
Trainer, Woodbine

“The simple fact is Black Magic is a great leg tightener. I use it during the week until race day, to keep my horses’ ankles cool and tight. I use it after the race to maintain its effects. I recommend Black Magic to anyone who is serious about racing horses.”

Rick Zeron
Owner, Trainer, Driver

“It’s a very good product. The only time it hurts is when you don’t put it on their body. It has replaced all my iodine based liniments. My horses are getting sounder and sounder with it."

Raz Mackenzie
Trainer, B Strike Three

“I recently had a trotter that suffered from a chronic tendinitis and had an old suspensory injury as well. After 10 days of application of Black Magic leg brace, you could actually see a sharp definition of the tendon begin to appear. The swelling around the suspensory was literally non existent . Needless to say the horse responded by jumping up to win his next race in hand, amazing!”

Herb Holland


Great product!  This is a fantastic product for pre race and recovery.  I use it on all of my horses and will continue to.


The bronchial dilator is a good product it seems to help out my horses allergies.

Dave Wisser, PA

STEP-UP is truly that.  This is a great product you have to try to believe it works.  It helps more than others.  Give it a try.

Steve M, MI

The STEP-UP bronchial dialator is absolutely the best product out there and it will do exactly as they say it will.  Money well spent.

Steve Main, MI

We have been using STEP-UP in our race stable for a few years now, and use it regularly during our training/race season.  We had a horse that had allergies and ongoing breathing problems and tried a long list of products that were very expensive for the short term effectiveness.  What a difference STEP-UP made in this particular horses breathing and her performance ability seem to sustain longer as a result.  Horses nasals will drain so you can see the product is working.  After a day or two of using it, our horses are feeling good, eating good and their training proved to be very productive.  Its an excellent product that is highly effective and highly recommended for the athlete horse or for any horse that has breathing related issues!!

Barnwood Stable, ON

STEP-UP™ Per4mance

Great Product!  This product has helped my horses finish stronger.  One of them has had two wins in a row since using STEP-UP.  Works great!


I’ve used it for the last four months.  Works for me.

Steve, OH

This product does what it says.  Try it for bleeders, bad breathers and tie up horses even.

Steve, MI

M-G-2 Wound Spray

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Before Nutra-Glo, Lindo was very underweight.  I had Michigan State University Equine Services out to our farm twice to look at him.  We’ve tried many products - but Nutra-Glo was the only product that works!”

D.S., Lansing, MI

“I think it’s a miracle supplement.  The manager of our barn is really impressed too and both of us tell everyone who mentions poor condition or hard keeper to get Nutra-Glo. Please don’t stop making this stuff!  My horse and I thank you very much!”

M.M., Durnham, NC

“I have 50 horses. I have put all my weanlings, yearlings, and brood mares on Nutra-Glo.  I recommend it to all my clients.”

S.T., Florida

“I would recommend this product, and already have, to anyone who cares about the overall health and appearance of their animal!!”

J.M., Westminister, MD

“I was to the point of possible having to put this horse (Cindy) to sleep because I could not stop her chronic diarrhea - she would get spells where it would just be water coming out of her and she would get dehydrated and have electrolyte problems - but in the month she’s on Nutra-Glo there’s nothing but regular formed fecal balls regularly.”

L.R., Shelocta, PA


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