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Product Information

M-G-2 Wound SprayM-G-2 Wound Spray offers first aid treatment and healing of open wounds, lacerations, cuts puncture wounds, burns and abrasions.  The natural herbs also help fight fungus and bacterial infections which can interfere with the healing process.

No wrapping of hosing of the wound is needed just spray M-G-2 Wound Spay 3 times a day until the tissue is healed.  You will be amazed by the results.


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User Experiences

“M-G-2 all natural herbal wound spray is simply amazing.  Not only does it clear up open wounds at an accelerated rate, it actually breaks down proud flesh!”

Ron Baker

More User ExperiencesFremont, Ohio


Active Ingredients in M-G-2 Wound Spray


Rich in tannins and flavonoids it has a skin soothing benefits.  Used to treat wounds that do not heal such as skin ulcers.


Used in the treatment of skin disorders.


Antiseptic antimicrobial antiviral anti inflammatory very good for insect bites.


Antifungal antiseptic immune booster.  Anti inflammatory anti spasmodic


Used to treat topical pain.


Essential fatty acids in flax are responsible for skin healing powers Omega 3s have been shown to aid in wound healing.


Used globally to correct viral and chronic skin disease.  Compounds stimulate normal immune function.

Golden Seal

Strong activity against bacteria, yeast, and fungi, such as e coli


Antimicrobial antiseptic.


Good for sprains, arthritis. Insect bites ring worm and poison ivy.


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