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The best Customer service, fast shipping, educational support, and 100% money back guarantee.  Our trademark formulas are made from only the best kosher, organic, pure, legal, and safe, ingredients.  Our herbal products build the foundation to maintain a strong, healthy, rugged, happy horse.  We race and breed our own horses.  We use our products on our own animals.  We sell to our fellow horsemen, our friends, and family.  We understand the strain that competitive sports place on the animals and the owners.  We must stay in the game and win.  This is why it so important to keep our equine athletes at the top of their game with out the use of dangerous chemicals, or stimulants. Using our specially formulated herbal products, our horses can stay fit and healthy naturally, with no detrimental side affects.  Our products are simply the best.

Black Magic™ Liniment   STEP-UP™

Black Magic LinimentAs we expect more and more from our valiant athletes we must use products that empower them.  Black Magic is a balanced combination of essential oils and activated charcoal that work together to reduce and eliminate sports injuries.


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Step-UpSTEP-UP™ is milled and screened to exact density, composition and texture at our blending plant, instead of the “mix by hand” process.  This process insures a fine, consistent blend at all times.  The herbs and botanicals used in the blend are all fresh, and expiration dates can be traced back to each batch.

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STEP-UP™ Per4mance   M-G-2 Wound Spray

Step-Up™ Per4manceSTEP-UP™ Per4mance is a proprietary blend of herbs specifically designed to open/clear airways and significantly reduce the stress performance horses always endure.

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M-G-2 Wound SprayJust spray on this all natural herbal "wound healer" 3 times a day directly to the affected area and watch new tissue develop and proud flesh disappear!


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NUTRA-GLO™   Magic Power™

NUTRA-GLO™NUTRA-GLO is a naturally derived and nutrient rich feed supplement, obtained, in part, through a unique and natural lactobacillus acidphilus fermentation process.


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Magic Power™Magic Power is a muscle and joint relief winning formula.  If you want your horse to perform at the highest level and "Feel like a Colt again", then Magic Power is a must!!!


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